How to clean your German Silver Jewelry

How to clean your German Silver Jewelry

Women love to adorn themselves with beautiful pieces of jewelry. They buy them with so much of love and pick each piece with attentive selection. But the most disheartening part Is when this piece gets tarnished or oxidized and has lost its fresh sheen. So what is the best one can do to clean it is the question in mind.

Nickel silver, sometimes known as Argentan, or German silver thanks to its early development by 19th century German metalworkers, is not actually a form of silver. It is in fact a mixture of copper, nickel and zinc. Even though they are unrelated, it has the appearance of silver and is used to give many objects a similar look while keeping down the price.
How to clean German Silver
1.Heat water in the microwave for 1 or 2 minutes.

2.Lay a sheet of aluminium foil, shiny side up, in a heat-proof container. Lay the jewelry in the container on the foil. It is critical that each piece of jewelry touches the foil; thus, DO NOT place jewelry pieces on top of each other.

3.Pour boiling water over the jewelry and immediately add two tablespoons of baking soda and one tablespoon of salt.

4.Allow the jewelry to soak for a few minutes and remove the jewelry using tongs due to the temperature of the water.

5.Rinse the silver in cold water and buff each piece with a soft, cotton cloth. Using other fabric to polish may damage jewelry and if there is any dirt on the jewelry, it can scratch the jewelry. Use straight, direct strokes because a circular motion is more likely to scratch.

6. Use common sense. THIS IS NOT FOR PIECES WITH STONES IN THEM. Don’t soak the jewelry for an extended period of time in water.

7. Once dry, store your jewelry in an air-tight plastic bag. The air-tight bag prevents sulfur from tarnishing the jewelry. If you want to store your jewelry in a velvet-lined jewelry box, keep it away from other metals.

JEWELRY IS TO BE WORN AND ENJOYED!! Body oils help prevent tarnishing. So go ahead and flaunt your favorite piece 😉

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